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This romantic love song is written from Elizabeth's imagination dealing with the challenge of separation of true love during wartime. The haunting instrumentals of cello and violin play underneath enchanting vocals. You'll need a kleenex with this song."

Eternity to Premiere “17 Disney Medley” Part 2! / News  / to Premiere “17 Disney Medley” Part 2! to Premiere “17 Disney Medley” Part 2!

VIDEO RELEASE! On Air with Ryan Seacrest liked my “Disney Medley Part 2″ YouTube Video & exclusively PREMIERED the video in a Blog on their site FRIDAY, October 9, 2015.

You can also download the 17 Disney Medley Part 2 on iTunes!

This is such an extreme honor for me to be premiered once again on their site!! I have worked hard on this project and I hope you will enjoy it!

You may remember featured my “Disney Medley” (Part 1) and also I was their 1st place Winner for the Best Cover of “Let it Go – Frozen” for ‪#‎MarchMusicMadness‬ that was featured.

Also, Caleb Hyles (top 5 winner in the Ryan Seacrest “Let it Go” contest with me) and Brian Hull (known for the “Disney and Pixar Sings Let it Go” video) will be guests in this medley! They are truly the Kings of “Let It Go!”

Thank you for your support always,

Elizabeth South


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  • Randy
    October 5, 2016 12:23 pm

    It’s just awesome how much you have accomplished since winning the Frozen contest. And I may add, winning the contest was well deserved! To think that this began with an idea and with your hard work and desire, you have created two amazing medleys. If told that I could only listen to one singer from now on, it would be you!!! Thank you for sharing your songs with us! They have been a blessing!

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