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Elizabeth South — The Mysteries of Our Minds
Release date : Mar. 01, 2010
Label : Elizabeth South Music
  1. Falling in Love Alone
  2. Someday (feat. Rick Florian)
  3. If Tomorrow Never Comes
  4. Your Voice (feat. Out of the Grey)
  5. I Know
  6. Forgive
  7. I Will Follow (feat. Rick Florian)
  8. Perfect Love
  9. Fly Eagle Fly
  10. Never Looking Back
  11. Am I Stronger Now
  12. Have Faith

The Mysteries of Our Minds – Album

The Mysteries of our Minds is Elizabeth South’s debut album, released in 2010. The studio album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Billy Smiley. Elizabeth had her first radio single, “Have Faith,” from this album that played on notable stations such as American Family Radio. “Have Faith” was on the Billboard charts several times for most added to radio stations and reached the top 30 songs on Christian Radio Weekly.

Elizabeth sang with lead singer from White Heart, Rick Florian, on the songs “Someday” and “I Will Follow.”

All songs were co-written by Elizabeth South and Billy Smiley except for the White Heart cover song, “Fly Eagle Fly.”




Music Video for “Have Faith”


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