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Elizabeth South — Do It Afraid
Release date : Nov. 01, 2011
Label : Elizabeth South Music
  1. I Will Trust You (feat. Billy Smiley)
  2. Higher
  3. Arms of the Savior
  4. Fall to My Knees
  5. Do It Afraid (feat. Rick Florian)
  6. Desert Rose (White Heart Cover)
  7. Still
  8. Surrender
  9. Holy, Holy, Holy
  10. I Will Trust You Instrumental
  11. Don't Give Up

Do It Afraid – Album

Do It Afraid is the second studio album by Elizabeth South. It is a contemporary worship album released in 2011. The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Billy Smiley. She had a successful second radio single for the song “I Will Trust You.” The music video for “I Will Trust You” aired on Zuus Country Network premiering November 4, 2013.

Elizabeth sang a duet for the title track song, Do It Afraid with Rick Florian, lead singer of White Heart. They also filmed a Music Video for Do It Afraid together.

All songs were co-written by Elizabeth South and Billy Smiley except for the White Heart cover song, Desert Rose. Elizabeth co-wrote Still with George Cocchini. Holy, Holy, Holy was written by Mark Swayze.




Featured Music Videos from the Album:

Do It Afraid (feat. Rick Florian – lead singer of White Heart)

Don’t Give Up 

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