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This romantic love song is written from Elizabeth's imagination dealing with the challenge of separation of true love during wartime. The haunting instrumentals of cello and violin play underneath enchanting vocals. You'll need a kleenex with this song."


#LetItGrow – WNCN & Elizabeth South parody “Let It Go” for No Shave November / Music  / #LetItGrow – WNCN & Elizabeth South parody “Let It Go” for No Shave November

#LetItGrow – WNCN & Elizabeth South parody “Let It Go” for No Shave November

Raleigh – NC (This Description/Blog comes from the “Let It Grow” Youtube Video Description. CLICK HERE

When WNCN Today anchor Phil Sanchez (@Phil_Sanchez) saw November approaching on the calendar, he knew he had an opportunity to do what most male news anchors only dream about – stop shaving. He started a “No Shave November” donation page with the American Cancer Society ( and was immediately inspired by their hashtag #LetItGrow.

As a father, Phil had to fight the urge to begin humming “Let It Go,” the incredibly infectious anthem of Disney’s animated film “Frozen.” That sparked an idea.
Phil remembered WNCN’s coverage of a local woman in Durham, NC who won a nationwide contest singing a cover of “Let It Go.” He convinced WNCN’s news management to create a music video. Marketing Director Robby Thomas quickly wrote parody lyrics to the song and Elizabeth South, the Durham woman who won that contest, agreed to provide the incredible vocals. Using ProSound/Priddis Music’s karaoke version of “Let It Go” and Elizabeth’s connection to the music mixing talents of Nashville producers Billy Smiley and Billy Whittington, the project took off. Phil could comfortably set his razor aside for the month.

But, with November already upon them, the WNCN team had to move quickly to pull this project together and share it in time to have an impact in the fight to improve men’s health. With the music track now in hand, Robby Thomas assumed the role of Creative Director for a music video, mapping out a shot list that would come to life thanks to WNCN marketing producers Jason Kane and Reuben Carrington. Video production officially began on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at a Durham location with Elizabeth South and wrapped two days later after a variety of shoots squeezed into the marketing team’s unusually busy schedule. November is “sweeps,” after all, and promoting WNCN News is their most important priority. After a marathon editing session, the music video was published on Friday, November 14. The project was shot using the Panasonic Lumix GH4, gfnhkjhna variety of Canon lenses and edited using the Adobe Creative Suite.

While “No Shave November” focuses its efforts on those affected by cancer, regardless of gender, a group from WNCN was simultaneously participating in “Movember,” which is a similar awareness initiative focused on male-specific cancers and mental health issues. This is why this parody focuses on men’s health in particular. Donate to WNCN’s Movember team, “The Justaches,” here:

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Creative Director: Robby Thomas
Producer/Editor: Jason Kane
Producer: Reuben Carrington
Musical Performance: Elizabeth South
Music Producer: Billy Smiley
Engineering Mix: Billy Whittington
Backing music track by ProSound/Priddis Music

Song: Let It Go (In the style of “Frozen®”) [Karaoke version]
Download the backing track here:…

Special Thanks To: Carolina Hurricanes, American Tobacco Barber Shop, Durham Academy, Carrboro Police Department

“Let It Grow” Lyrics
By Robby Thomas

The beards grow strong and it’s all month long.
You’ll see them everywhere.
Faces needing grooming.
But, there’s a mission behind the hair.

The goal is raising funds to fight deadly disease.
Would you be so kind to help us share this, please?

Tell all your friends, tell them right now.
Tell them what we’ve done and tell them how.
How they can help so that they’ll know
Well, now they’ll know!

Let it grow! Let it grow!
Don’t shave it off anymore.
Let it grow! Let it grow!
And tell everyone what it’s for!

You can help
You can help today.
So, let the song play on…
It’s know its stuck in your head anyway.

It’s funny how some guys look
When their facial hair comes in.
But the laughs will all be worth it
If we improve health for men!

It’s time to see what we can do
We’ll even grow beards on the news!
We want to see your beards, too! So, will you…

Let it grow? Let it grow!
Moustache or fumanchu.
Let it grow! Let it grow!
Yes, we believe in you!

Together, we
Will scratch and comb.
So, let the song play on….


My facial hair grows from my temples to my chin!
I look so distinguished, I may never shave again.
We can save so many men we love in our lives.
It’s not that hard to do.
You only have to try!!

Let it grow! Let it grow!
Don’t shave it off anymore!
Let it grow! Let it grow!
And tell everyone what it’s for!

And I do care
What my wife will say.
That’s why I asked her before.
I needed her permission anyway.