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This romantic love song is written from Elizabeth's imagination dealing with the challenge of separation of true love during wartime. The haunting instrumentals of cello and violin play underneath enchanting vocals. You'll need a kleenex with this song."


Good On My Own: Frozen 3: Song/Story Prediction: (Elsa’s Love Ballad) – by Elizabeth South – Disney

Good On My Own: Frozen 3: Song/Story Prediction: (Elsa’s Love Ballad) – by Elizabeth South – Disney

Artist: Elizabeth South
Label: Elizabeth South Music
Release Date: December 08, 2020
Genres: Broadway, Disney, Musicals, Pop, Rock, Rock, Soft Rock, Soundtrack
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“Good On My Own” – Frozen 3 Song Prediction – COMING SOON to ITUNES. . . .

TITLE:   FROZEN 3 (Song/Story Prediction) – “Good On My Own” (Elsa’s Love Ballad) – by Elizabeth South – DISNEY



So, in December 2019, I decided to write a song called “Good On My Own” (Elsa’s Love Ballad) that I thought would be a possible song for the movie and a story prediction/theory for a Disney Frozen 3! I decided to put the story in this video because YouTube did not allow enough space in the description for me to put this story in the Music Video for this song. This is just my own interpretation that I quickly developed in December so that I could write this song. I would also love hearing other people’s ideas or constructive criticism.

I also created my very first Cartoon for this video using Adobe Character Animator and drew the characters using Adobe Photoshop and Fresco. Of course, I’m not an animator, but thought this would be fun. Sam Beman did the character voice for Erik and I (Elizabeth South) did the voice for the Elsa character. The music video was filmed at Duke Chapel in Durham, NC on December 31, 2019. Interesting fact, the scenes with me in the white dress were filmed on March 11, 2020 right before we went into Covid-19 lockdown. Thankfully I finished the video before isolation! I also finished the cartoon during my Covid-19 isolation and it took me a long while to finish this because I have been doing my teaching job online and it has been quite time consuming!

FROZEN 3 (PREDICTION) written by Elizabeth South on 12-22-19

©2019 Elizabeth South Music

  In the beginning of Frozen 3, Anna is preparing for her wedding to Kristof. Elsa has built herself an ice castle and is seen in the Enchanted Forest with her new close friends from the Northuldra people namely Ryder, Honeymaren, and Salamander.

Yelana tells Elsa about the secret of the 4 Elements Snowflake Amulet necklace that is hidden somewhere in Ahtohallan. Elsa still hears the voice (the northwind) and decides to find the Amulet to protect it because anyone who holds the Amulet can have the power to control the 4 elemental spirits, and she wouldn’t want anyone to accidentally find it and wield its powers. The voice calls her to the Amulet. It is lost in Ahtohallan. She travels with her buddy Salamander (fire) to find and retrieve the Amulet by traveling on Nøkk (the horse). Once she finds it, she wears it around her neck to protect it because she wouldn’t want anyone to accidentally find it and wield its powers. Ryder and Honeymaren don’t want her to go alone. They are afraid she won’t return. But she must go on her own as Elsa always does to protect her friends. Her goal is to protect the four spirits and continue to be the bridge between the two worlds, Enchanted Forest, and Arendelle.

Olaf journeys out to the West to a town called Ólafsvíkana where he hopes he was originated from. He says, “It has my name in it. Maybe that’s where I’m from.” He is now older and sings a song about being grown up. He says he is no longer afraid to go out on his own. While he is there, he tells the stories of The Enchanted Forest and Arendelle.

Then enters prince Erik, who has the power of Telekinesis and the ability to harness the wind. He is from the Kingdom of Ólafsvíkana. He hears Olaf’s story and is drawn to the temptation of the powers of the four spirits through the Amulet, which Olaf accidentally mentions to him and says, “Oops! I shouldn’t have told you that. Please don’t tell anyone.” Erik thinks that maybe Elsa and the Amulet could help him harness his powers all the more. Olaf tells Erik (talking too much as usual) that Anna is getting married soon and that he must return to the wedding where Elsa and Anna will be. He mentions that Elsa is “unmarried.” “When will she ever get married,” he says? Olaf believes that everyone is good and he can trust anyone. But he is still afraid to tell Elsa that he told this secret to Erik because he is embarrassed. Olaf invites Erik to Anna’s wedding.

At the wedding, Anna tells Elsa that she should also start finally looking for ❤️ love. Elsa is Anna’s maid of honor. Ryder is a groom and Honeymaren is a bridesmaid.  Olaf runs into Erik. Erik says to Olaf, Good to see you again, my friend.” Olaf introduces Erik to Elsa and Anna.

Later Anna says to Elsa, “What about him? He’s handsome.” Elsa says, “There has to be more to someone than just handsome.” And they get in a disagreement over this because Anna says she should settle down with someone and be closer to her instead of living in the forest. “I miss you so much, Elsa!” Anna complains. Elsa replies, “You know I have never belonged in Arendelle like you do, Anna! Plus, I don’t want to make the same mistake you made with Hans.” Anna grows frustrated with Elsa’s love of being “otherworldly” and wholly independent. Anna says, “You have to learn to trust people sometimes, Elsa! You can’t just keep shutting people out. You’ve learned how to control your powers and learned where you came from. Nothing should be holding you back now. It’s time you start looking after yourself!” Elsa tells her that her heart is with looking after the Enchanted Forest, the four spirits, and that she has all the love she already needs with friends and family. Elsa wonders what it would be like to be in love, but doesn’t need it to be happy. If she did fall in love, she would have to take it slow and find the right person. Anna’s wedding makes her think about all of this.

After Anna’s wedding, Elsa meets Erik again at the reception. They talk and get along very well. Erik tells her who he is and she’s impressed. He is very handsome and a prince with powers similar to hers. Erik admits to Elsa that Olaf had told him about her powers and the four spirits. “You see,” said Erik, “I traveled all this way to meet you because you’re the only other person that I’ve heard of in the world who has powers comparable to my own. Perhaps you can teach me how to contain them.”

“What is your power?” asks Elsa. “ I have the power to move things in nature with my mind,” he says. “For example, I can cause a storm by harnessing the wind.”

Erik falls instantly and unexpectedly in love with Elsa. Elsa is interested in him, but wants to get to know him better. After all, Elsa once said, (in Frozen 1) “You can’t marry someone you’ve just met.” She also knows that she could never leave The Enchanted Forest and Arendelle and that they are from two different worlds. They go for a walk alone outside the reception around the castle. He tries to get the amulet from her so he can wield its powers by asking her if he can have a look at it. She refuses to take it off her neck. He tells Elsa that she is beautiful and that he’s falling in love with her. He asks her to marry him, thinking maybe he could get the amulet from her that way. So she awkwardly tells him, “Whoa! Wait! Slow down. You’re moving way too fast.”

She gets nervous because she’s never been in love before. It scares her and she’s too busy. She tells him she likes him, but says, “Can’t we be friends first?” She remembers again the mistake that Anna made with Hans. She wants to be careful. Erik gets upset at Elsa’ rejection and walks away from her saying, “We could have been so good together. It’s your loss. Bye!” He exits. Elsa is surprised and afraid that she hurt his feelings beyond repair, made him mad, and ruined any possible friendship with him. Catching her breath at his abrupt exit, she sings, “Good On My Own.”

Later, Erik being upset sings his own song, “I didn’t expect to feel this way, but I won’t let love get in the way of my powers.”

Not being one to let this go and feeling totally rejected, Erik finds Elsa again later. They argue again. Elsa continues to insist, “Shouldn’t two people in love be friends first?” Leaning over during the argument, the Amulet starts to glow from Elsa’s bodice and the pull of the power from the amulet overtakes him against his better nature. He changes and is overcome by his temptation for the amulet in that moment and uses his Telekinesis and the power of the wind to start to pull Elsa’s Amulet towards him. She says, “No!” and pushes him away with ice, revealing more of the depth of her powers to him. He then uses his powers again and pulls the Amulet from her neck, snapping it off.

At that moment, Olaf realizes Elsa has been gone from the reception too long and begins looking for her. He finds them together and sees Erik take the amulet away from her. Olaf runs to Anna for help!

Elsa tries to take the Amulet back, but Erik’s powers push her away and he escapes with the Amulet. Erik heads to the Enchanted Forest while Elsa follows him with Salamander. He tries to wield the 4 spirits. Elsa tries to stop him and they use their powers to fight, but he wins, taking the spirits, including Salamander. However, he is not able to take Elsa’s powers. But now he finds that he is just as powerful as Elsa.

Erik tells Elsa that he needs her powers also to be able to control his own powers, which was his original intention for wanting the Amulet. He tries to take her powers again, using all of the 4 spirits’ powers against her, but he can’t take them from her because she is too powerful. Anna shows up with Kristof, Sven, Ryder, and Honeymaren to find her. When he sees them, he realizes that Anna is the only key to getting Elsa’s powers. So he grabs Anna, Olaf, Kristof, Ryder, and Honeymaren and puts a protective fire wall in front of them. He tells Elsa that if she gives up her powers to him, he’ll release them from the fire wall. Elsa agrees to give up her powers to him because she would do anything to save her sister and friends.

But Erik does not realize that Elsa’s ultimate sacrifice of love would have the opposite effect he hoped for. Once all five of the spirits are united again, the powers of the Amulet know the rightful owner is Elsa and the Amulet snaps off of Erik’s neck and returns to Elsa’s neck again along with Erik’s powers, rendering him powerless. Elsa’s connection with the four spirits had once again enabled her to be the bridge that unites and frees them all.

Elsa tells Erik, “I understand how powers can consume and overtake you. You can’t let your powers destroy your ability to love. That was the problem you had with your powers all along. You didn’t know how to love. Once I knew love was the greatest power of all, I learned to control my powers. I know you once had love in your heart and there is goodness in you.”

And so once again, LOVE being the true answer to everything, Erik changes and learns how to love again. In time, Elsa comes to trust Erik enough to give him back his powers and he learns how to control them with love. Anna say, “See, Elsa. They don’t all turn out completely evil like Hans!” Now whether or not Elsa ever finds love with Erik or someone else or even at all, is a story still yet to be told.      

The End.


GOOD ON MY OWN  – LYRICS (Elsa’s Love Ballad Prediction)

©2019 Elizabeth South Music

Written by Elizabeth South (and Billy Smiley)

Verse 1

What should I do? He’s angry

Thought we could be friends

Didn’t know what to say

Did I make a mistake? I blew it

Did I lose my chance?

Don’t want to rush anything

He shouldn’t be mad

Want to take it slow

I’ve got all my love right here

I’ve got too much to do

I’m bridged between two worlds

Must guard this Amulet with my whole life


And I’m good on my own

I’m good on my own

If the right one comes, I won’t say no

I’ll live my life this way

‘Cause I’m good on my own

I’m good on my own

I’ve got to hold on

I’m Good On My Own

Verse 2

I don’t need love to be happy

But the look in his eyes stopped my breath

This feeling I have is so new to me

I feel myself shake, never felt love this way

It really hurts, that’s why I’ve stayed away

It’s only myself that I know

If I rush into this and make a mistake

Can I just let it go?

Chorus 2

So I’m good on my own

I’m good on my own

If the right one comes, I won’t say no

Can’t give my life away

‘Cause I’m good on my own

I’m good on my own

I’ve got to hold on

I’m Good On My Own


Maybe there’s three sides to every story

Yours, mine, and the truth

You said you that you loved me,

But you changed in a moment

Don’t need you to carry on through

Chorus 3

‘Cause I’m good on my own

I’m good on my own

I’ve got to hold on

I’m Good On My Own

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