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This romantic love song is written from Elizabeth's imagination dealing with the challenge of separation of true love during wartime. The haunting instrumentals of cello and violin play underneath enchanting vocals. You'll need a kleenex with this song."


Feed the Birds (from “Mary Poppins”) – Single

Artist: Elizabeth South
Label: Elizabeth South Music
Release Date: 09-28-2013
Genre: Disney
About Album
Elizabeth South’s friend, co-worker, & librarian where she teaches full time at Durham Academy, Michelle Rosen, asked Elizabeth for several years to record a Broadway Disney favorite “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins.

While Elizabeth was recording her “Dream With Me” Country Album, she found a moment to quickly record it for Michelle finally! So this is dedicated to Michelle Rosen. Recording this song takes Elizabeth back to her beginning training of singing Broadway/Disney & the fact that Julie Andrews has always been one of her favorite singers.

Also, Elizabeth featured the character Mary Poppins in her Disney Medley Part 2 Music video.

Watch the Feed the Birds Lyric Video:

1. Feed the Birds (from Mary Poppins)